Friday, April 10, 2009

Camp Flying Eagle, Award Ceremony & Spring Break

Everything I do is always fun. My world is the funnest world in the whole wide universe.
Like I said, everything is fun in my world.

I really liked camping in Scouts with the Tigers and Pack 50. I liked sitting next to the fire roasting marshmallows and making smores. I also made a catapolt and I shot a BB gun 10 times! I made a paper plane out of my shooting paper. Kade helped me make it. It was the best camp out ever! You would not believe it!

I got good grades on my report card in school. I got straight A's on it.

Spring break is like the best in spring. You get days off from school. You get a week off from school. I really liked going to Banyan's house. We got to dye eggs. My egg was dyed blue and green. I really liked swinging on the tire outside super fast and I got to be on a dirt bike.

I also liked going to the beach with my little cousins Selby and Sage. I made new friends with a boy at the beach. I learned how to pass a football in the water. I got soaked in the water - it was warm to me, but not to my mom and aunt. Mom said it was freezing cold and I said it was just perfect!

I like all those things in my world.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

After the Races!

Pictures from the big day!

I won a trophy for "Best Detail Work" and a medal for "great sportmanship"!

My car on the track
Me and Mom

Racing on track
Pack 50 Derby Car Impound for Tigers and Bears
Derby Car No. 8

Racing Jackson
Racing Andrew (he won 1st for Tiger Den)
I really want that big trophy....

Derby Day

Today is my big day for Scouts.

I am racing an Indiana Jones car. I hope my car wins the race. It is really fast. I like my car alot.

I drew the shape and then cut it out of a block of wood.

I sanded it alot of times.

I painted two coats of red on it.

I put some golden on it too! I put Indiana Jones and his father in it!

I hope to win!